A Sorting of the Ways

A Sorting of the Ways
New and Selected Poems

by Ricardo Quinones


Following his break-through first volume of poems, Through the Years (2010), and its successor, Roberta and Other Poems (2011), Ricardo Quinones has upped the ante with a generous selection from those earlier volumes and additions from a ready supply of new poems presented here.

A Sorting of the Ways: New and Selected Poems contains such poems as "The Grafting Tree," a mythical marriage between a giant oak and a chair; "Ten and More," the record of a ten-year-old's deflating experience of the Korean War after the jubilation of 1945 and the end of WWII; "To Pick a Penny," another far-reaching poem about the magic qualities of a penny; and "Spoiler Speech," the fragile hold of civilized consciousness against the uprising of a primitive rage. The volume also announces the demise of the popular "Wallet Poems," mainly by virtue of their own superabundance and their replacement by a new kind of verse, "Bloc Notes."

In the poem "A New Beginning," Quinones takes the gamble of expressing his own philosophical and moral desideratum as to the nature of art and society, thus enacting his belief that at sometime a writer-poet must come to grips with those things he thinks essential if a society is to be reborn.

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Publication Date: 1 July 2011
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With glistening colors down tangled manes/The people now embraced a public art/A spectacle commingling mind and heart.
- Ricardo Quinones

Ricardo Quinones

Ricardo QuinonesRicardo Quinones is a scholar-critic, professor emeritus of Claremont McKenna College. He is the author of such prize-winning volumes as The Changes of Cain: Violence and the Lost Brother in Cain-Abel Literature (1991), Dualisms: The Agons of the Modern World (2007), and Erasmus and Voltaire: Why They Still Matter (2010).

Mr. Quinones has held academic positions as professor or visiting professor at many colleges and universities, including Harvard University, the City University of New York, UC Irvine, and the University of Kansas and has served as president of the Association of Literary Scholars and Critics, chair of the MLA's executive committee on comparative literature, member of the California Council for the Humanities, and member of the National Council on the Humanities. He received his B.A. from Northwestern University and his Ph.D. from Harvard University.

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