Desolate Country

Desolate Country
We the Poets, United, Against Trump

edited by j.d.tulloch




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Now, more than ever, our collective voices (and actions) must stand united in opposition to Donald J. Trump, who—by following the demagogue's playbook—seeks to divide and conquer by turning Christians against Muslims, white folks against people of color, men against women, and straights against LGBTQIAs, thereby creating fear and hate amongst the populace.

While We the People quarrel and vilify each other, Trump, without opposition, slyly invokes his true agenda: the marginalization of the masses and the continued facilitation of the advancement and concentration of wealth of the most affluent members of our society, which is evidenced by his billionaire cabinet nominees and bizarre infatuation with Russian President (and evil dictator) Vladimir Putin.

Desolate Country, therefore, represents an amalgamation of defiant work by established artists and those who, as a result of Trump's election, were inspired to write in protest. It aims to give voice to believers in the power of art as both a spiritual catharsis and a manifestor of change and to those who are morally opposed to saying, "Trump is my President."

Product Details

Format: Paperback
Genre: Poetry / Anthology
Publication Date: 13 Jan 2017
ISBN: 978-1-946358-02-8
Catalog No.: 39WP-17
Pages: 96
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches

About the Authors

The poets of Desolate Country:

Maryfrances Wagner, Gary Lechliter, Chico Sierra, George Wallace, Steph Castor, Ezhno Martín, Poet Jen Harris, Miguel M. Morales, Lonnie Buerge, Mz Angela Roux, Paul Goldman, Philip Hooser, Mark Matzeder, Crista Siglin, James P. McNamara, .chisaraokwu. (naijabella), Jim McGowin, George O. Martin, Kathleen Gullion, Kevin James, Mark Manning, Abe Fernandez, Kyle Laws, Jill Karno, Nadia Wolnisty, Alisha Escobedo, Emma Fernout, Jason Preu, MG Salazar, Jessica Ayala, Iriquois Pliskin, Keith D. Wilson, Iris Appelquist, Nichole Force, Andrea Caspari, Kathryne Husk, James Inman, Paul Oldham, Benjamin Rosenthal, CC Grooms, Max Martin

Our collective voices (and actions) must stand united in opposition to Donald J. Trump.


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