Where Water Meets the Rock

Where Water Meets the Rock

by Lindsey Martin-Bowen


In her fourth collection of poetry, Where Water Meets the Rock, Lindsey Martin-Bowen explores loss and recuperation in three sections. "Erosion," the book's elegiac opening sequence, laments a trinity of tragic Greek personas: Pasiphaë, Psyche, and Antigone. The middle section, "Frenzies," a series of zany poems, emulates the ensuing topsy-turvy world that follows deep loss. And finally, "On the Shore" completes the triad, concluding that by re-seeing and re-building life, one can heal the psyche and the spirit. Once again, through the use of her recurring sea-rock metaphor, Martin-Bowen has employed a poetic technique that effectively maintains both a visual and auditory descriptive style, which, according to New Letters editor Robert Stewart, is defined by her "refreshing reliance on imagery and understatement."

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Publication Date: 18 July 2017
ISBN: 978-1-946358-05-9
LoC Control No.: 2017942503
Catalogue No.: 39WP-22
Pages: 100
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Again, I hear singing above steam, sizzling new words, streaming from Iphis, but this time, in a lilting melody.

- Lindsey Martin-Bowen

Lindsey Martin-Bowen

Lindsey Martin-Bowen Lindsey Martin-Bowen is a poet, fiction writer, and educator. She received both her M.A. in English and J.D. from the University of Missouri-Kansas City, where she also taught for eighteen years. Her poems have appeared in many literary journals, magazines, and anthologies.

A chapbook version of Crossing Kansas with Jim Morrison, her third collection of poetry, was a semi-finalist in a 2015-16 QuillsEdge Press contest. Her preceding collection, Inside Virgil’s Garage, was a runner-up for the 2015 Nelson Poetry Book Award, and a poem from that volume was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Last year, in its 85th annual contest, Writer’s Digest awarded her "Vegetable Linguistics" an Honorable Mention, and in 2008, McClatchy Newspapers named her debut collection, Standing on the Edge of the World, one of the Ten Top poetry books of the year.

Martin-Bowen has worked as a reporter for The Louisville Times and The SUN Newspapers, as an associate editor for Modern Jeweler Magazine, and as editor of The National Paralegal Reporter. She currently teaches writing at MCC-Longview.